Suio Terme in South Lazio Italy

Lower Suio Terme

Lower Suio is made up of several villages situated along the river bank.  Here there are several thermal springs which were formed as the result of volcanic activity many years ago. The water is high in sulphur and mineral deposits.

The Romanesque church dedicated to Santa Maria in Pensulis was built in the village of Suio Forma during the 13th century. It is thought to have been built on the remains of a Roman edifice, the Villa of Zeto.  An annex was added to the church to house sick people who came in search of treatment.

There is also the modern church of Santa Maria Del Buon Rimedio, and the small chapel of San Nicola.

Suio Terme on the River Garigliano in Italy
Church of Santa Maria del Buon Rimedio in Suio Terme Italy

Lower Suio has a few hotels with special open air swimming pools for bathing in the sulfurous waters. The temperature of the thermal water ranges from between 15 and 64 degrees centigrade.  Also there are spa establishments which offer diverse therapies suitable for the treatment of numerous complaints such as: respiratory diseases, ear nose and throat, rheumatic, arthritic, skin and gynaecological problems.

Suio Terme in Italy
Suio Terme on the River Garigliano in Italy
Suio Terme on the River Garigliano in Italy
Suio Terme on the River Garigliano in Italy
Thermal Spa in Suio Terme Italy

Back in time, even the Romans were known to frequent this location, which they called Aquae Vescinae, to bathe and relax in the warm therapeutic waters.  The large pool in Sant’Antonio is commonly known as the Vasca di Nerone which tradition says was used by the Emperor Nero. Several Roman archaeological remains have been unearthed in this area including those of a mosaic and calidarium.